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PCSCRP Newsletter 10-26-2021

Pickens Republicans,

We have the opportunity to review textbooks for science and register feedback with the school district. This came to us from Brandy Tarleton, Fruit Mountain precinct, and I’m posting the notice that she forwarded from the district director of communications and virtual learning:

Each year the state of SC establishes priorities for purchasing instructional materials and resources for our students. Currently, the state is funding new science materials for grades 9-12. Before the process reaches our schools, the SC State Board of Education seeks stakeholder input from across the state and approves a broad list of textbooks for schools to review. Following state approval, textbook publishers formally present their materials to school districts and distributed samples of their resources for our review. We are tackling this in 2 "rounds" as materials are provided to us.

The 9-12 grade science textbooks selection process has been completed at the state level and it is now time to complete the approval process at the district level. For Round 1, SDPC invites the public to review textbooks and instructional materials that have been proposed for use in Pickens County schools for Science.

The materials will be on display in person and online from September 8 through September 20, 2022 with instructions for submitting comments available in person and online.

Community stakeholders may review and give feedback on the resources:

  • In person at Central Services

1348 Griffin Mill Road

Easley, SC 29640

Our goal is to be able to send the SDPC Board of Trustees the final recommendation for each level the week of September 26.

High School Science Selections Round 1

Click here to access the survey


Please take some time to look over these materials. There are six texts listed with links to log in and consider them. Last year when a team reviewed texts, we found that while the student texts could be fairly innocuous, we found CRT and/or SEL concepts contained in the teacher’s manuals. Check teacher’s manuals when they are offered; compare the actual scientific concepts with the activities and tips offered to the instructor.

The current SC Department of Education confirmed last year that students experienced significant learning loss due to the turmoil and remote learning of the pandemic. Many parents are concerned by recent events and book choices in the SDPC.  Reading and reviewing these texts and teacher’s manuals are an investment in our children’s future. We have an opportunity (using the link above) to give feedback on which books the school district will utilize.