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PCSCRP Newsletter 10-26-2021

The day we have been working toward is almost here: Tuesday is Primary day in Pickens County and in South Carolina. We have a call to action. That is why we have been so busy in March, April, and May, because primary voting matters. For true representation, we must learn about the candidates and then support those who we feel will best uphold our values.

I want to brag on our active precincts and congratulate those leaders who are working so hard. I challenge you to find another county in South Carolina that has precinct meetings with county and state-wide candidates speaking to their groups! They’ve heard about the grassroots movement that is the “new” Republican party in Pickens County. “We the people” are waking up and using our voices to send our message from the bottom to the top, instead of coming from the top down.  

Since the last business meeting in late February, we have had twenty-five precincts who have participated in at least one precinct-level meeting, and several have participated in multiple meetings.

In addition, there have been:

  • 10 committee meetings
  • 4 chaplain club meetings
  • 2 county-wide candidate forums
  • 26 speaking engagements at precinct and county-wide events  

Large numbers of party members have attended poll worker training at the county Election Board and are ready for the primary tomorrow. Thank you for your dedication and patriotism, especially since you may be called upon again for the June 28 run-off races. Thank you for making time in your busy lives – first to attend training, and second, to devote tomorrow to making sure our votes are counted accurately.

These are grassroots patriots who are no longer content to sit and spectate: we are a boots-on-the-ground movement for America! We don’t shy away from the word “MAGA”! Make America Great Again is not about blindly following a leader. In fact, it’s not about any one person. It’s about all who believe in our country, in the value of truth and the freedom to speak it, and the right to challenge tyranny anywhere we see it!

PCRP will hold an executive committee meeting on Thursday, June 23, at 6:30 pm in the fellowship hall of East Clemson Baptist Church. PCRP is working toward a location more central to the county but is grateful to the East Clemson family for the use of their facility for another meeting.

There is a proposed resolution in the “News” section of the PCRP website. Please look this over and be ready to discuss.

For the Republic,

Tim Bruce